We do auto repairs on all makes and model cars and use the latest diagnostic equipment and technology.
We do auto repairs on all makes and model cars and use the latest diagnostic equipment and technology.

Auto Repairs

Our full service auto repairs are here for you when parts wear out or break. We work on all makes and model cars using the latest diagnostic equipment and technology. We will get you back on the road quickly and effectively.

Our highly skilled auto mechanics can diagnose and repair most automotive issues within the same day.  Our goal is to get you back on the road quickly and without hassle.

We offer a 24 month warranty on most parts and labor. We provide multiple options to meet your budget and time constraints.

You don’t want to be inconvenienced due to a vehicle breakdown. We offer shuttle service to your home, work, or wherever you need to go. We also have loaner car and pick up services.

If the repair is quick, we invite you to enjoy our great company, free coffee, television, Wi-Fi, and children’s play room while you wait.  When the work is done, you will leave with a better understanding of our motto, “It’s not just a repair, it’s a relationship!”

Auto Repair Services

We provide general repair of all things engine related.  Auto repair services we provide include:

Check Engine Light

The check engine light can be one of the most confusing warnings on your dashboard. It sounds panic worthy but in most cases it it isn't. We are here for you!

Brake Service

Your car's brakes should be inspected regularly and repaired as needed to make sure they are working properly. We can fix all brake system issues.

Air Conditioning

Many things can cause your car's air conditioning and heating system to fail or function below normal. We can remedy them all.

Suspension and Steering

We offer complete auto steering and suspension repair service. We fix all types of steering systems.

Engine Repairs

We offer complete engine repair services.

Fuel System

Our fuel system service lets you save at the pump, extend the life of your vehicle, minimize costly repairs, and increase running efficiency.

Drive Line

The drive line contains the components and parts that convert engine rotation to power at the wheels. We offer service to keep this system on your car working well.

Electrical Service

Our skilled auto mechanics are trained to identify and repair electrical needs.

Engine and Transmission Replacement

Sometimes, engines and transmissions break and cannot be repaired. Our engine and transmission replacement service could save you money as compared to the cost of replacing your car or truck.

Windshield, Glass, Minor Body Repair, and Paint

We offer auto glass service, including windshield, window, and mirror replacement for your convenience. We also do minor body and paint work, from bumpers to mirror housings and panel replacement. If something needs attention, just let us know and we will have one of our technicians check it out.

Custom Solutions - Just Ask!

We are also proud to offer custom solutions. Many of our customers own everything from classics to high performance vehicles.  We are happy to help bring their car dreams to life.

In addition, we provide bed liner services, welding, and minor (and some major) fabrication. We can do engine and transmission swaps as well as super chargers and turbos. You name an auto repair need and we will help you out.

We service vehicles of all types. Let us help you today!