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BG Oil Services and Warranties

I get a lot of people asking “Why should we use BG Products?” I think a quick overview of what they offer before we get to that question would be the way to go. Lets start with some of the things I like and recommend most.

MOA (Motor Oil Additive) Used to fortify all qualities of engine oil. It prevents oil oxidation and thickening under ever worsening driving conditions. Installed by us, (added at the time of each oil change) it can keep engine components clean, improve engine life and reduce costs on repairs.

BG 44K (Fuel additive) This product is full of high quality detergents and additives that goes right in the gas tank. It helps to restore engine performance and mileage. The way it does this is by removing deposits from combustion chambers, intakes, ports and valves. Running through the fuel injectors it restores flow, cleans and conditions the entire fuel system. They recommend using this product at each oil change interval.

EPR (engine Performance Restoration) This product softens and dissolves hard to remove deposits from piston rings in as little as ten minutes! Properly sealed combustion chambers improve compression and reduce oil dilution through blow-by. Keeping fuel and air on top of the piston and out of your oil. It also works the other way around keeping oil off the top of the piston.  EPR cleans micro passageways to maintain critical hydraulic function of components like valve train actuators and turbos. Something else it does well is restore fuel economy and power also preventing oil loss. Excellent maintenance for any engine.

Not only do these products work for us, we love recommending them. BG has proven time and time again that their products work. They are so sure they provide warranties to back up the use of their products – If these products are installed and services performed by a authorized BG shop the warranties are starting at 0 to 50k miles are up to $4,000 in repairs and starting between 50k and 100k miles up to $2000 in repairs on any system you service.

So let’s get back to the original question. Why should we use BG products? Because they offer great products that do exactly what they say they will backed by a superior warranty. Isn’t it worth a few extra dollars a year to keep your car running in tip-top shape? I think so!


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