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Common Auto Suspension Issues

When it comes to auto suspension, It’s not unusual for us to hear our customers say:

  • For some reason my car is pulling (enter direction here).
  • My tires are not lasting as long as the ones that came on the car.
  • I hear some weird CLUNK noise from (enter front or rear here).
  • My car shimmies or tries to change lanes.

These are all common issues related to Auto Suspension repair and maintenance.

Our first response have you had an alignment done recently?

All of us, including myself, tend to put alignments off until we see our tires ruined or there’s a need for auto suspension repair. Getting routine alignments is the number one thing we can do regularly to maintain proper tire and suspension wear. Depending on where you go you can generally land an alignment for $100 – $150.

When you come in for scheduled maintenance at Dulles South Chantilly Automotive, suspension is one of the things you can expect to have checked every time. If we can identify a problem before it becomes a major one we can save you money on your auto suspension repair.
Suspension and component checks done at every service:

  • Tire Wear – First thing to show a faulty suspension component or alignment issue.
  • Bearing Play – With the wheels suspended you should be able to shake up, down, left, and right without any excessive movement.
  • Ball Joint Play – With the suspension compressed up and down play should be minimal to non-existent.
  • Shocks and Struts – Check for any leaks faulty mounting points or broken components
  • Springs – Checked for heavy rust, bad rubbing, noisy spots and broken leaf packs or coils.
  • Control and Trailing Arms – Check for cracks, bending, faulty bushings and or mounting points. Trailing arms included in this check as  well.
  • Steering Rack – Check for leaks, bent components, faulty mounting points and excessive play in the gear or tie rod ends themselves.
  • Studs and Lug Nuts – Check for thread damage, wear, stretch, and broken studs. We also check that the wheel is tightened to the proper torque.
  • Sway Bars and End Links – Check for worn bushings, rust, twisting or bending, intact functioning links and mounting points.

People tend to think and report now that most preventative maintenance services, inspections and repairs are a scam. As someone that has been in this field now for well over 20 years, I beg to differ.

Cars are more safe and reliable today no question, but maintaining and controlling a 4000 pound car is no joke. That’s what auto suspension repair and maintenance does. Your suspension is what gives you that quality ride and keeps those expensive tires planted on the road evenly.

Working in unison with your struts, shocks and springs are your control arms, ball joints and steering. Most people don’t realize that a good operating suspension also plays a role in how well your vehicle stops and handles, eliminating excessive nose dive as well as heavy body roll.
If maintained and checked on a regular basis suspension repairs can be kept in check without the hefty repair costs. Don’t take my word for it, Ask questions and get second opinions.

Unfortunately, many vehicle manufacturers use parts that are not maintenance friendly. If they must be replaced, consider using good quality replacement parts like Moog. Moog has upgraded factory replacement parts with grease fittings to allow regular maintenance.
Here at Dulles South Chantilly Automotive we believe it is important to help educate our customers to make good, informed and affordable decisions. We are always happy to show you firsthand what is happening and, if you can’t be there, we can send pictures or video to detail our findings. This is why Dulles South Chantilly Automotive is the best for your auto suspension repair and maintenance.  


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