We offer engine repair services, which can save you money over the cost of purchasing another vehicle. We also replace engines. 
We offer engine repair services, which can save you money over the cost of purchasing another vehicle. We also replace engines.

Engine Repair

We offer complete engine repair services. The engine is the most integral part of your car.  Without an engine you go nowhere.

The cost to repair or replace an engine can be in the thousands of dollars. Don’t put off car care as a way of saving money, it will only cost you more.

Don't Ignore Your Engine

The easiest ways to kill your engine:

  • Neglect routine oil changes
  • Ignore leaks
  • Disregard the dashboard lights, indicators and gauges
  • Ignore the cooling system

Improper maintenance leads to disaster.  The liquids and lubricants in your car engine will break down with use. A lubricant that no longer contains the properties to effectively lubricate is useless. The metal parts in your engine will splinter, deform or lock up.

Engine Maintenance Saves You Money

Regular engine maintenance will save you thousands in the long run.

Completing all maintenance on time with quality products does not mean that the engine will never wear down and break.  Over time and use the parts will wear normally and require repair or replacement. The maintenance is meant to extend the life of the engine, meaning it will not have to be replaced prematurely.

Engine Repair Warning Signs

Signs that you are facing a major engine issue include:

  • Excessive smoke from tailpipe
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Knocking or tapping sounds
  • Low oil pressure
  • Low compression
  • Water mixing in oil
  • Oil getting into the air cleaner and/or radiator

Lack of compression is a relatively common engine issue. If the charge of air and fuel cannot be compressed properly, the combustion process will not work like it should. Lack of compression might occur for these reasons:

  • Worn piston rings
  • Exhaust valves not sealing properly
  • A hole in the cylinder

We Can Retool and Repair Your Engine

If your engine becomes damaged, can it be repaired?  In some cases, yes.  Parts of the engine can be retooled and repaired.  These repairs are expensive but in most cases not as expensive as purchasing another vehicle.

If the damage is catastrophic and cannot be repaired and your car is still in good shape, a replacement engine is an option.  When weighing your options you need to factor in all costs of vehicle replacement.  We can help with the overall health evaluation of your car.