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Honestly More than Auto Repair

Here I am being goofy with some of the guys on the team.

I don’t think a whole lot of us wake up in the morning excited about the idea of going to work. Funny thing, for the most part I actually do!

It’s not working on the cars or making money, none of that really. I mean we all do what we have to do no question. I genuinely look forward to the conversations I get to have.

Taking time to meet and greet customers, that’s how it starts. Eventually, the relationship grows into that of a friend and/or family member.

The shop can be such a hectic place, phones ringing, deliveries, tech questions and people coming in the door. When I take time to say hi or ask a question, I can see everyone, and everything just slow down.

No longer is it in and out as quick as possible. People start relaxing, sitting down, smiling and sharing their days. Almost like we all needed to do it, just having someone to blurt stuff out to.

Yes, I run a business, and yes I am here to fix your car. But the best part of this entire thing is YOU. I like being the go to for all of your automotive needs. More than any of that I enjoy the experience of meeting everyone and listening to what they have to say.

Our business tag line came from and this is who we are. We mean it when we say, “It’s not just a repair it’s a relationship.”


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