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Is it raining inside your car?

That was a torrential rain storm on Monday! Did anyone else wind up with water inside the car?

There are lots of ways that water can get into the car. Windows not fully closed, bad seal. Leaky sunroofs or convertible tops.

The story for our customer this morning was that one of the drains for the sunroof was clogged. The water was unable to escape through the drain and backed up into sunroof tracks and seals. The water was forced into the passenger compartment from above the head liner, running down the pillars between the windows, pooling in the floorboard, in front and back. Left unnoticed this could cause mold and mildew to form in the passenger compartment.

To test if your drains are working properly you can open the sunroof and pour a little water into the drain.  If you don’t see it come out under the door, get it checked.


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