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Be Nice to Your Ride with Routine Oil Changes

Routine oil change service is probably the most important routine auto maintenance item.  An oil change is the process of removing the old existing oil and oil filter from the engine and then replacing it with new oil and a new filter.

On some cars, a special “oil maintenance required” message will display when you need an oil change. Others may just show the check engine light. Others may not show any indicator and you need to track your mileage between changes according to your user manual.

Routine Oil Changes Keep Your Car Running

Routine oil changes are important to keep your car running. Because your engine has a lot of parts that are moving in a synchronized fashion under excessive heat.  Without the lubrication provided by oil you get friction. Friction causes the parts to become worn and deteriorate.

Oil breaks down and wears out over time.  Good clean engine oil will lubricate the internal parts, absorb heat, and keep everything working together in harmony.

Draining the oil and changing the filter can keep dirt and debris from building up in the engine.  The higher the quality of the oil, the cleaner the engine will be.  Overall regular oil changes will extend the life of your engine and save you in the long run.

How Often Does Your Car Need a Routine Oil Change?

Do you have to do a routine oil change every 3,000 miles?  Probably not. There are many factors to consider:

  • What kind of car do you have?
  • How old is the engine?
  • How many miles are on the engine?
  • What kind of oil are you using?
  • What kind of driving are you doing? High speed or just tooling around town?

In this area, the driving conditions as related to car maintenance are ranked as severe.  There is a lot of stop and go traffic and we spend a lot of time sitting in traffic.

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