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VA State Inspection Sticker Location Changes and We’re on It!

It’s been a year now and folks seem to be very comfortable with the new location of the VA State Safety Inspection sticker.  As a certified inspection station, we were aware of the change and have been putting the stickers in the lower left according to the new guidelines.

This process did not occur without some emotion. We all try to hold onto what we know to be true and that sticker has always been in the middle!

VA State Safety Inspection Stickers Move for Safety

We thought we would share the thinking behind the new location: Safety, of course!

Today’s cars have crash avoidance technology that require an unobstructed view of the windshield. This new technology provides additional safety for the vehicle and passengers.

That’s the official reason, but I’ll also share my conspiracy theory. The sticker is now more visible from the opposing lane to make it easier for police to spot outdated inspections. It’s a revenue generator!

More Safety Inspection Changes

As of January 1, 2019, the look of the sticker has changed. The new sticker is half the size and is dark blue.  The purpose of the change is not clear to us. Know we are following the rules and putting the right sticker on your car.

The other half of the sticker will now be attached to your inspection report. It includes a reminder of the new “move over” law that requires you to slow down or change lanes when you see flashing lights on the side of the road. The law helps keep our officers safe, which is a great thing!

Who knows what the next change will be, but rest assured we are on top of it! We are happy to be your Virginia inspection station of choice.


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