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What maintenance do I need to do to get the best trade-in value for my car?

Auto Maintenance Tracking

If you are thinking on trading in your car some time this year, this post is for you. You may be wondering, “what maintenance do I need to do to get the best trade-in value for my car?”

In order to get the best trade in or resale value for your used car, we recommend that you complete all the manufacturer’s car maintenance recommendations. Regardless of whether you do a dealer trade in, sale to Carmax, or private party sale, your vehicle is always worth more if you can show that you have taken care of it.

Car Maintenance Records Are Easy to Access

In the digital age, there are multiple ways for prospective buyers to locate maintenance records for a specific vehicle. Shop management software programs track vehicle repair and maintenance by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Many auto repairs shops partner with companies like Carfax to share this data publicly.

With the VIN for the car, anyone can see the maintenance history. Buyers are much more confident in their purchase if they can see records of routine maintenance and that there have not been multiple major mechanical failures.

If you are mechanically inclined and do routine maintenance yourself, keep a log of the date and mileage that the service was completed and receipts for any parts or fluids purchased. This is valuable information for the buyer and shows your commitment to vehicle care.

Many auto repair shops have the capability of providing a list of the services that they performed and any outstanding service that are recommended. You may also be able to access your vehicle data online as well.

Our auto repair shop is happy to provide our customers with maintenance history records when the time comes to sell.

Make Sure Your Car Looks Great

Presentation is also key to getting a great value. Before you list your car, give it a good wash, clean the interior and make sure that there are no indicator lights lit on the dash. It’s a hard sell if the check engine light is on!

When You Buy

If you are in the market for a used car, we highly recommend a pre-purchase inspection. This is a service we offer. We thoroughly inspect to identify items that may require attention so that there are no surprises and you can make an informed decision.


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