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When Your Car Doesn’t Start as Quickly as It Used To

when you car won't startThere is nothing worse than being all set and ready to go somewhere, and the car won’t start! You may also notice that your car doesn’t start up as quickly as it used to. Let’s help you troubleshoot.

Most customers know their car really well. They can tell us when it’s not cranking as quickly or making a funny noise.

We had a customer visit just the other day, who said “the car doesn’t seem to be firing up as quickly as it normally does, I think something’s wrong.” Luckily, she caught this early and saved herself from the inconvenience of a break down.

There can be several things that cause a car to take longer to turn over than normal. A few common ones that we see are:

A weak battery or poor connection is always a possibility. Check to see that the terminals are tight to the battery leads. If so, try a jump start. If the car starts with the jump, take it to your auto repair shop to have the battery tested.

Faulty connections or the alternator could be the culprit. The battery cables must make a solid connection to the battery to turn the engine. The alternator’s job is to charge the battery. If your alternator is faulty, the battery does not get recharged and will not be able to supply the power need to start the engine.

The starter is the next possible culprit. The starter is an electrical motor attached to the battery. When the starter is broken or faulty it will keep the car from starting. You may turn the key and hear nothing or the starter will make a loud clicking noise when the ignition switch is turned.

The ignition switch sends power to the starter. A good sign that there is a problem with the switch is when you turn it to the on position and the dashboard does not power up. If the ignition switch will not turn, try moving the steering wheel from one side to another. The switch may be stuck in the locked position and a little movement of the wheel with the key in place will often free it.

For our most recent client, the issue turned out to be a faulty starter. Because she knew her car and took preventive action, we were able to identify the problem and fix it before she was stranded!


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