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Why are my tires noisy?

Types of Tires

We get a lot of questions about noisy tires. Here’s the 411 on tire noise.

Different types of tires can cause different types of noises. Tires made for off road vehicles or snow tires can be very noisy.  Low profile tires too can be noisy because of the lack of sidewall to absorb noise. Touring tires are engineered to be the quietest of all.

Reasons for Tire Noise

Noises can occur for many reasons, it can be a lack of rotation, poor tire pressure, or a vehicle sitting too long. Tires are in most cases a big investment so you want to be sure to take good care of them so they last as long as possible.

Other causes of tire noise can be related to mechanical issues with the car.

  • Car can be out of alignment: When this happens the tires have abnormal wear patterns and no longer make solid contact with the roads surface.
  • Suspension issues: Shocks or struts that cause the tires to bounce on the surface and create a condition called cupping.  Again because they are not making solid contact with the surface you are going to hear more noise.

It is really important to address the mechanical issues first. Otherwise those issues will create the same noise and problems with new tires.

Pick the Right Tires

If a smooth quiet ride is important to you, take note of the tires that you currently have on the vehicle and how satisfied you are with the level of noise. Ensure you are replacing them with something that is engineered to be the same or better. While all tires meet the general safety standards, do they meet your standard for comfort?


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